In order to be an effective instructor the most crucial consideration to keep in mind is that teachers among the most significant purpose is to HELP STUDENTS LEARN TO HELP THEMSELVES. The three of the many ways to accomplish this aim would be:
O Active Learning - Have organized activities for students to do. Ask questions and attempt to involve the pupil in receiving the answer instead of giving complete answer. This participation will build confidence in students, the most essential step in improving the composing process.
O Independence - A confident student will develop into an independent student. Assist the student develop ideas and talk with them even though these might not be directly related to what the course is about.
O Motivation - Tutorial classes give the opportunity to identify the weakness and strength of individual pupils and depending on that the teacher can create his own way to motivate the pupils separately. It also provides an chance to him to identify the weak and good pupils and he can tackle the poorer students to bring up their confidence level by motivation.

Keeping above stated facts in mind a meeting comprising of these methods are suggested as mode of behavior of Tutorial classes that could be adopted uniformly, and becomes a standard to be followed closely with little variation.
html tutorial must ask questions associated with the concepts dealt from the course in order to determine the degree of understanding of this simple concept. These theory can be explained with the help of discussing specific design issues and citing examples from rear world. This can help clear their doubts and also add to the depth of knowledge and its application.